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Grade 5 MATHS Assessment

Student Details "Grade 5 Assessment"
Assessment Begins
1. General
11. Select the "EVEN" numbers
12. Select the numbers that are multiples of 9:
13. Select the number that are factors of 24 (number which divide 24 evenly)
26. Select the correct picture. Which one is 3 - 3/4
29. Select the correct Picture. Wher is 0.09? on the line 0 - 1
33. Select the measure you would use to record the height of a tall building
34. Select the correct time 3:25
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Thank you for completing the Grade 3 MATH Assessment. Your answer will be checked and the details will be passed on to your Tutor. Regards Smart Start Learning


Q.17 - 20

Q.23 - 24


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