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Smart Start Learning

Primary school to Year 9 Tutors that come to you


Connect with knowledgeable and captivating English Tutors

Often, a child’s weaknesses is put to the side and covered with what the child is capable of doing. Down the track, it is then discovered that assistance is required heavily on a certain topic which quiet often is English.

Children talk the English language every day, but when it comes to blending and reading words, quiet often they do struggle and give up easily. Children at a young age who do struggle with this and don’t get the attention needed, won’t grasp simple tasks in the higher grades. It is proven that in this day and age, adults still struggle with simple reading and writing tasks.

Why choose a Tutor over a group-based environment?

English is a tricky topic to master. We tackle things one-on-one as we find that helps the child excel the fastest and for you as the parent to see the results you are paying for!

Before starting any class work, the Tutor will assess the child to see what they are capable of. They will then go away and make a plan of all the parts they think need improving.

We find that with a lot of centers, they sit with a group and go over the same thing over and over thinking it is going to stick in the child’s mind. For example, sitting there and giving a child 100 spelling words a lesson isn’t going to make your child the best speller in the world, if anything it is going to dis-engage the child and turn them off the work altogether. Instead, practice reading and forming sentences, which, without the child realizing is going over words regularly and will excel the child spelling. We also found that this helps form a better relationship with the child to be able to comprehend what the Tutor is explaining.

For all inquires please either fill out our form or contact us on 1800 663 446 to find out more.