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Smart Start Learning

Primary school to Year 9 Tutors that come to you

Home School

Ensuring your child has the right education home-schooled

Some people support home schooling, some people are against it. We believe, you as the parent are the only ones who truly know what your child is like, so if you believe this is the right thing to do, we are here to guide you every step of the way!

Each and everyday, children experience and go through different things, no two are the same, which may lead to the child being educated at home. People think home school is ‘easy’ and the child ‘isn’t getting the education they need’. I believe this isn’t the case. Working with kids who are home-schooled have that to there advantage, it shows they get more of an in depth explanation of topics that would have been taught at school. This shows much more of an independent child as they are taking responsibility for there own education, due to them not having 5 days of school like your typical school day.

Home school is a very close topic we tend to focus on here at Smart Start Learning. We plan and provide the children with the best possible topics that they may have been doing at school. This allows the kids to feel involved and don’t just have to do the core subjects of English and Mathematics.

We provide the kids with a more hands on learning approach and we find the interaction between the tutor and child encourages the child to excel a lot quicker.

For more information on our home school plans please feel free to call us on 1800 663 446 today!