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Smart Start Learning

Primary school to Year 9 Tutors that come to you

Homework Guidance

Tutor encouragement in completion of homework

Homework is a very controversial topic. It is quoted by both parents and kids ‘it is a waste of time’. Why do you think these comments are being spoken? This is due to a lack of knowledge or lack of instructions when a student has been given homework to then be completed at home.

Homework shouldn’t be something given to you by a teacher that hasn’t already been performed at school, it is should be questions that come out of what was being learnt that day. This reinforces the child to be held accountable for any work being given, so that it is completed with any notes or worksheets from class for that topic.

Why do I need a primary school tutor to help with my child’s homework?

Some parents lack the time to be able to help their child if they are struggling to complete the homework given to them. Our down to earth, fun loving tutors are the right fit for you!

I will admit, homework is something that a lot of us tend to push aside, with our Tutors we make the effort to not only cover the homework given but re-enforce that homework doesn’t have to be boring and can be spiced up with some activities throughout the session.

Regardless of your child’s needs, we can help. Although our lessons are based upon the education standards we do tend to break the rules and customize our lessons as much as we can so we know our point has been put across. This show that the students can achieve the goals desired once they have a time managed plan set out to be able to accomplish anything!

Feel free to contact us for further information on 1800 663 446