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Smart Start Learning

Primary school to Year 9 Tutors that come to you


Encounter Math Tutors like no other

Whether your child is transitioning from kinder to prep or grade 6 to year 7, our fun-loving team of tutors are here to help!

Over the years, we have found that within our curriculum we don’t focus on everything that is required to grasp all aspects of Mathematics.

Students need extra help in obtaining the right basics to be able to understand the formula based topics in the years ahead of them. This is something we find students don’t get the extra help in, which leads them to feel neglected and decrease in there school work.

A familiar comment we hear children voice is ‘I hate Math’.

As a parent, this is the last thing you want your child saying. This leads you to feel helpless in the sense of not knowing how they are learning certain topics and how you might be able to help them. This becomes more and more concerning throughout the child’s early days in school, as you of course want the best for them. Imagine building a house without laying the foundation- overtime the house is going to collapse.

We pride ourselves in proving to every child that you can change no matter how far behind you might be. Nothing comes over night but hard work and dedication gets you the results you are after to be back on top of your education. Confidence is key, once your child has re-gained it, they can achieve anything.

What makes our Tutors different?

All across Melbourne, thousands of tutors are working with kids to excel there learning. We find that with our tutors it is a passion gained rather than a job being worked.

By choosing one of Smart Start Learning’s tutors, we will show you that we not only cater to all children through mainstream learning, but also by planning our lessons to what the child may have gained interest in. For example, we have kids who prefer to be a little bit more hands on, so we plan our lessons through practical based work to make sure the child stays occupied but learning at the same time.

We will be sure to uncover all weaknesses the child may have and have a positive impact on their learning whether it is;

- The 4 operations

- Fractions, decimals and percent’s

- Geometry

- Negative and positive numbers

- Preparation for year 7 transition

For all further questions, please contact us on 1800 663 446 and chat with a friendly staff member.