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Scholarship Preparation

Is your child prepared to sit the scholarship test?

Preparing for a scholarship is such a daunting time for the kids.

The pressure of, how did I go? What happens if I fail? They have a lot to think about.

It isn?t about ?if I fail? its more to the point of giving it a go.

It is such a big achievement for the child to be able to build the courage to sit such a big test ready for high school; this shows so much maturity doing so.

I believe the best thing to calm the nerves is to be prepared.

As a tutor, parent, teacher or mentor, we will never know what is exactly on the tests, the best we can do is prepare the child as best we can.

Giving them practice tests, possible scenarios and sentences starters will give them an indication of how the test will be structured. This shows the child that it isn?t as daunting as they might have hyped it up to be.

We pride ourselves in showing the kids the best of both worlds, yes this is a test and you have a time limit but also to do the best they possibly can.

Would you rather finish the whole test and get 40% wrong, or would you rather complete 80 % of the test and get 70% of it right. I know which one I would be choosing!

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